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The streets are quiet. 

The parks are empty. 

Where have all the Heelys gone?

For years now, the world you inhabit has been one of lies. There are people out there who have spooned you ridonculous claims that Heelys, the original wheeled shoe, the one true wheeled shoe, is childish, dangerous, and even … ugly. There is too much slander going around about this innovative piece of footwork. My name is Ronnie and I’m here to rid the world of supreme misconceptions — the lies some people have been spinning, I’m putting them to a halt.

I’m just a man on a mission to save the first wheeled shoe. I’m here to bring Heelys back. To return them to you, good people of the world.

I’ve tried to figure out how the Heelys decline started. Where the rumors originated from. My tech wiz Mikey has digitized all of my findings below. Contact me if you have the answers. Join me if you want to find them.

Together we can break the status-quo, and ride again.